About this Blog

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do with a science degree you’re in the right place.

In college I was told I could do anything with my physics degree, and as a first year PhD student in mechanical engineering I heard that again. But a year after college graduation I wasn’t any closer to a clear idea of what “anything” meant.

This inspired me to start exploring what paths “anything” actually includes. I know from talking to peers that I am not the only student considering this question so I decided to share those stories.

So I am creating an archive of the different career paths other scientists have taken, to help me and anyone else trying to figure out what they want to do with their degree(s).

In order to be helpful to as many people as possible I will be striving to share a diverse collection of stories. This means a couple of things:

  • There will always be a 50/50 split between interviews of women and men. There might not be equal representation in science yet but on this blog there will be.
  • We are looking to share stories from as wide a variety of scientific fields as possible. Keep in mind that this goal will be better achieved the more interviews we conduct, but if there is a specific field you want to hear more about please contact us.

And of course if you have a science degree and would be willing to answer our six questions about your career path, please let us know.

Email: withasciencedegree@gmail.com

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @aScienceDegree